“Part of my job several years ago at FOX included conducting interviews with all the top finalists of So You Think You Can Dance. Being an Orange County girl and a mom to a very young dancer at the time, I was always interested to see where the SYTYCD finalists from the Orange County area trained. One name kept recurring – Dance Precisions. I made a mental note, and as soon as my daughter was ready, we went to check it out. Up to that point my daughter was participating in basic recreational classes through a community program. We started her off in the recreational program at the studio for one year, and after seeing her growth and love for dance blossom, decided to make the jump to the performing team. The year after that she auditioned and made the competition team. When I think back to why we joined, it was because it was a well-run program that was clearly producing excellent, well-rounded dancers. In a nutshell, Dance Precisions provided a safe place with diverse class offerings that created a great environment for my dancer to grow, be challenged and make great friendships and memories. As in life, things are always changing. Teachers change, teams change and your own dancer can change as they grow and evolve in this art form. What I appreciate about Edith and Dance Precisions is that there is a good mix of change balanced with constant stability. Case in point, in our six years at Dance Precisions the studio has grown the ballet program, as well as added an emphasis on conditioning and strength training along with tricks to their core jazz and ballet program for the competitive dancers. My daughter has had the opportunity to participate in the Artist in Training program (implemented last year) that has really challenged her and helped her to grow emotionally as a dancer, and she’s been able to participate in a Student Choreography program that gave her some amazing experience in creating choreography and teaching it to her peers. The studio has brought in outside choreographers to further challenge the dancers, has had a visiting nutritionist come in and speak to the dancers on healthy eating choices, and has incorporated both conventions and competitions into the competition schedule. Those are just the “tweaks” to the program. What has stayed constant is solid quality teaching, brilliant and diverse choreography, clear communication when it comes to costs and general expectations, and a safe environment where I know I can leave my daughter to explore the art form she loves and hang out with a large group of friends who share the same interests and worth ethic. At the end of the day, my daughter is happy, she’s constantly being challenged, she’s nurturing life long friendships and she’s continuing to blossom as a young woman and a dancer. That is why we have continued to stay at Dance Precisions.”
-Robin & Katie Whitaker


“I joined the studio because I have known of Dance Precisions for years and since I finally moved out to California I couldn’t wait to be able to join the team. I asked my old studio owner about it and he said that he would love for me to go to Dance Precisions. So since it all worked out, I joined. As a first year student at DP I would stay because I know that it would help me grow so much as a dancer and as a person. I know this will be a great experience for me and I will stay for as long as I can. I am so excited for the challenges ahead and that with Dance Precisions I will overcome them.”
-Aleks Cornforth


“We joined the studio because of Dance Precisions’ outstanding reputation for having the best overall dance experience, including: 29 years of being in business, a hands on professional owner, the best instructors and a family type atmosphere. We continue to dance at Dance Precisions because of the owner and staff’s continued dedication for challenging and inspiring our student in a professional and caring manner.”
-Elizabeth Meitch


“We came to Dance Precisions because we had never seen dancers like this, or routines like this. The talent was at a whole other level than what we had in our area. We marveled at DP from afar, and I do mean afar. We made the crazy decision to start driving there every day from Venice Beach, and now in our eighth year and over 200,000 miles later, the rest is history. We stay at DP because you can’t get better training and talent anywhere else. When your child is surrounded by kids that are just as committed as they are, and even more talented than they are, your child gets better. They rise to the talent level around them. We are also addicted to the choreography. The only other place we see this type of choreography, is on So You Think You Can Dance, and we get it right here in Anaheim.”
-Holly Rosen


“I joined Dance Precisions because I was looking for an extra circular activity to put my daughters in. Kids are so obsessed with gadgets these days; I wanted them to have an activity that keeps them active and away from devices. Dance Precisions is our first dance studio. We’ve been with DP for three years now, and have had the best experience since day one. My daughters are happy each day. They love their teachers who protect and care for them. They have flourished in many ways besides in dance. They continue to learn great life skills: responsibility, respect for others, team work, time management, dedication and loyalty. Most importantly, DP has been a safe place for my kids.”
-Lily Ko


“We joined the studio because I am an alumni of Dance Precisions. I started with the studio during its first season in business. It was a very special place for me growing up. I felt safe and like part of a family. I was so excited that DP was still in business and thriving when I had my first daughter! I now have two daughters dancing at DP! It is so awesome that we have come full circle. We stay at Dance Precisions because it feels like our second home. Our children are safe and they feel loved when they are at the studio. As a mother, I couldn’t ask for anything more. We have made so many great friends here! Our girls’ dance events and competitions are fun for our whole family because of the amazing relationships we have made by being a part of this studio!”
-Andre & Jenna Wendall


“We have been at the studio for eight years. My daughter loves the environment and the way the teachers teach. It is an environment where my child has continued to grow. We have stayed at the studio because we feel a sense of belonging. Also, through these years I have seen how the owner Edith really does care about the well being of the students. She is honest about your child’s ability. If your child does needs to work in an area Edith and the teachers will work with you and the child to get them where they need to be.”
-Maria Sellers


“We joined Dance Precisions because Isabella wanted to maximize per potential and wanted to belong to a studio that recognized her strengths and weaknesses but that would BELIEVE in her and HELP her improve her skills and gain the confidence needed in doing so. She wanted to perform/compete at a higher level with a respected studio and wanted to be around dancers with similar aspirations. She wanted also to belong to a studio that had the leadership and teachers that truly cared about each dancer individually, and took the time to understand their goals. She also wanted a studio where she felt that the director/leadership was approachable and easy to communicate with. We have stayed with Dance Precisions because in just one year of dancing with the studio, she has improved her skills tremendously and has been gaining the confidence she desperately needed. The studio has been very diligent and extremely thoughtful in placing Isabella in classes and routines that have helped her flourish. Isabella feels that the teachers and director have been approachable and that they truly care about what she has to say. In addition, the studio is focused on teaching life-long personal skills such as accountability, respect for others, proper etiquette, responsibility and how to be team player. They have a much higher standard not only as a dancer but as a person, and that’s exactly how we like it!”
-Maria Ferris