Raymond Williams

Raymond Vinsik Williams grew up in Tucson Arizona. He started off as a gymnast for several years before moving over to dance where he spent the next 18 years competing. He was a national champion as a soloist and duo 3 years in a row.

Once in high school he found a passion for football where he then went on to play one year of college ball in Arizona. After a year he transitioned into MMA using his talents and coordination from dance and gymnastics he was able to produce a record of 6-1.

He was a tumbling coach at Dance Force 1 in Tucson which had appeared on Dance moms for several episodes. He has been a tumbling coach for 12 years now. He moved to California in 2015 to pursue a career in acting and stunt work using his background in dance, MMA, gymnastics and musical theater.

Since moving he has appeared on TV shows and over 30 movies such as Tenet by Christopher Nolan

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