Starz is an exciting program that introduces children ages two to six years to the joys of dance. Dance Precisions has five levels for the beginning two year old to the more advanced six year old. We use combo classes featuring jazz and tap to spark the child’s interest in dance. Unlike other studios that have tap/ballet combo classes, our experience shows that most six and under dancers respond better to the fast paced movement and upbeat music of a jazz/tap combo class. We also have an “Intro to Ballet” class for five and six year olds that can introduce these children to the beauty of ballet at an age where they can better appreciate it. All Starz dancers perform twice a year in our Holiday Show in December and our annual Dance Concert in July. Our Starz program also features two performance groups (non-competitive) that have the opportunity to perform routines in the community three to four times a year. These programs are called “Tiny Twinklers” (3-4 year olds) and “Rowdy Rompers” (5-6 year olds).  These performance squads are exclusive to Dance Precisions and were created to provide performance opportunities for dancers who want to show case their skills beyond the studio.

Academy Dance

The Academy Dance program is geared to children seven years and older who want to experience dance for the first time or improve skills they may already have. The dancer can experience one or multiple genres of dance, including: jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop and tumbling. The schedule is flexible. Dancers are encouraged to take classes in multiple disciplines as they grow as dancers to find which style of dance best suits them. This program has no commitment and is typically the starting point for technical training. All Academy dancers are encouraged to perform twice a year in our Holiday Show in December and our annual Dance Concert in July. They will have the opportunity to eventually take their newfound love of dance and developed skills to other programs inside the studio, such as our Performance Squadz or one of our competing teams. This program is great for the child who is exploring dance as their activity of choice.


Rascalz is an all boys dance program that was created to give boys the opportunity to explore dance. Rascalz is the cool, hip program for your boy ages 12 and under to learn to dance in a non-judgmental, fun environment. This program is a performance crew that will have the opportunity to perform in community shows at various times during the year. In addition, all Rascalz dancers perform twice a year in our Holiday Show in December and our annual Dance Concert in July. The program offers: hip hop (required), tap, jazz and tumbling classes that are boys only classes. We want to make it cool for boys to dance!


Performance Squadz

Performance Squadz is a unique program at Dance Precisions that was started to provide girls and boys with the opportunity to“play in the game.” Dance is taught in a studio 52 weeks out of a year. Unlike other sports, where you practice two or three times a week and play in a game on Saturdays, dance typically has only one performance a year at a “recital.” Dancing on stage and entertaining people creates confidence in a dancer, allows the dancer to “play in the game” and allows them to see the all of their hard work pay off. Performance Squadz members take a jazz, ballet and tap class each week. They also have a “rehearsal class” to learn the dance/choreography that they will perform in the community. The Performance Squadz will perform at three to four times in community shows each year, in addition to performing twice a year in our Holiday Show in December and our annual Dance Concert in July. The Performance Squadz are a great intermediate step to jump from our Academy Dance program to a competing team. No experience is needed.

Spirit Training

Spirit Training is another program unique to Dance Precisions. The aim of this program is to train junior high and high school dancers to make their school’s dance or song leading team. This program uses pom, jazz and ballet classes to improve the technique/skills of 11 to 16 year olds, increasing their chances of making the junior high or high school team of their choice. This program is recommended to take for at least one year prior to tryouts. We also believe that the three classes prescribed are essential to helping a dancer become well rounded enough to make the team. Classes in hip-hop and tumbling are optional, but highly recommended.