Performing Squads

Tiny Twinklerz & Rowdy Romperz Performing Groups

Tiny Twinklerz (ages 3 and 4) and Rowdy Romperz (ages 5 and 6) are two unique programs at Dance Precisions that provide girls and boys with the opportunity to “play in the game.” Dance is taught in a studio 52 weeks out of a year. Unlike other sports, where you practice two or three times a week and play in a game on Saturdays, dance typically has only one performance a year at a recital. Dancing on stage and entertaining people creates confidence in a dancer, allows the dancer to “play in the game” and grants them the opportunity to see all of their hard work pay off.  Tiny Twinklerz and Rowdy Romperz members take a jazz, ballet and tap class each week. They also have a “rehearsal class” to learn the dance/choreography that they will perform in the community. The will perform three to four times in community shows each year, in addition to performing twice a year in our Holiday Show in December and our annual Dance Concert in July.  No experience is needed.