Hip Hop & Tumbling

Hip Hop

The Dance Precisions Hip Hop program is geared for dancers of all ages and levels who want to hone their skills in the art of hip hop dance.  Both experienced dancers and novices alike will enjoy the unique and vibrant energy each class has to offer.  Spearheaded by our new Director of Hip Hop, Jesse Trinidad, students will be trained in various elements of hip hop technique, including choreography, popping, locking, and freestyle.

We have several hip hop crews so that children of all ages have the opportunity to perform on stage, at local community events,  and of course,  at our annual Winter & Summer Dance Concerts.


Our tumbling classes are extremely fun & high energy, perfect for the student who is constantly moving & bouncing up and down.  Students who try a tumbling class will be evaluated by the instructor on their first class, and placed at the class level that’s most appropriate to their current skills.

No experience needed, other than a willingness to try something new, and have tons of fun in the process.

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